The main problems for learning English, common problems and barriers to learning English and the solution to deal with it and the problems of teaching English in Iran are some of the issues that are examined in this article. In this article, we are going to defeat the giant of language learning problems and learn the English language learning solution once and for all and use it to strengthen our language. For most of us, it may be a question of why we learn English from childhood and are taught it in schools, but there are still very few people who can speak and use English. And in our minds we are looking for what are the main problems for learning English? In this article, we are going to talk about the common problems and obstacles of learning the main problems for learning English and provide you with solutions to solve these problems.

Do you know the 3 problems of learning English?

3 English language problems are related to exactly 3 English language skills. As you know, English language consists of 4 skills that if you want to learn English, you must strengthen these four skills together. These four skills are: reading, listening, writing and speaking. But what are the 3 problems of language learning?

  1. People cannot speak easily
  2. People can not easily understand when listening to a movie or song
  3. When they read a book or text, they do not have a good understanding of that text or book

What should be done to solve these three problems?

To solve these 3 problems you have to engage with English in different ways. For each of the above, there is a simple solution that you can do to solve these problems.

For example, Speaking and listening are completely connected. If you want to speak easily, your ear must have heard a lot of English, which will strengthen your listening and you can easily understand movies and songs. What can be done to strengthen your listening? To solve this problem, you have to be in the English environment. This does not mean that you have to travel to English-speaking countries to be in the environment, but you can easily watch English movies and listen to English songs in English. Strengthen yourself. If you do these things consistently throughout the day, both your speaking and your listening will be enhanced.

But what can be done to solve the reading problem? To solve this problem, you have to read a lot of books to gradually increase your vocabulary and make your reading flow. To do this, at any level, there are story books for that level that you can strengthen your reading skills by reading these books.

What are the problems of Persian speakers for learning English?

In this section, we try to talk about the problems of Persian speakers for learning English. The most important problems for learning English for Persian speakers are the problems of learning English in Iran, which is unfortunately very important and affects most people. The problems of teaching English in Iran are very acute because the school education system is wrong and incorrect methods and methods are used for teaching, and this causes children not only not to be interested in English, but also to learn it. They get bored, but this issue has recently been resolved in some schools and they use new methods to teach English.

Another major problem for learning English in Iran is that Iranians have little access to English-speaking people, which makes it impossible for them to speak English to people who are originally English-speaking and to improve their English. But there is a solution to this problem and that is that you have to find people who also want to learn English, in which case you can speak English with them and thus strengthen your language.

Another major problem for learning Persian for Persian speakers is that most people try to translate Persian sentences into English when they want to speak English, and this is very wrong. Because many Persian terms and sentences do not exist in English, and if you want to translate them into English, it is very difficult if the same sentence in English is very simple. To solve this problem, you have to think in English, which means you even have to change your mind so that you can speak the language easily.

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