If you want to know how you can speak English fluently, stay with us until the end of this article.

1- Do not study grammar

This rule may be unfamiliar to you, but one of the most important rules is not to study. If you want to study for exams, then you can study grammar, but if you want to become proficient in speaking English, you should try and increase your vocabulary and learn grammar as well .


The way you study only confuses you and the slower your study, the more you are concerned with whether or not you use grammar correctly instead of speaking fluently like a native speaker. You may be interested to know that only 20% of English speakers know the rules of grammar.

2- To speak English, you must learn and study the phrases

The way some students learn words is by learning them and trying to make a correct sentence by putting a few words together.

There are many students who have memorized many words but cannot form sentences with them, because they have only memorized the words and have not read the phrases. So be sure to read the phrases to become fluent in English.

You may have memorized 1000 words, but you can’t even make a sentence with them. While knowing just one phrase can extract hundreds of correct sentences from it, now imagine how many sentences you can make by knowing 100 phrases? By the time you reach the point where you know only 1000 phrases, you have reached a level where you can speak English fluently.

3. Do not think that just reading and listening is done. Speak whatever you can.

In any language, the main elements are listening and speaking.

This is also true in English.

Speaking is the key to fluent English.

The natural order in reading and learning a language is as follows

You must first hear,

Then talk

And then read

And write at the end.

The first problem

It is not strange that in the schools of the world, first reading, then listening and

Do they finally teach to speak?

One of the main reasons for this is that you need it when you are learning a second language

Read it to understand and learn about it.

The second problem

Many people have high reading and listening ability, and the reason for this high power is that they have trained to do so.

But in order to be able to speak English fluently, you need to do a lot of exercises to speak it.

Never give up, you should not just listen while reading,

You must either repeat aloud everything you hear,

So that your mouth and brain can do this without any effort.


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