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Online Courses with Alphamasters

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Special iBT courses

The TOEFL Internet Test is a specialized and very complex test. If you go to TOEFL with a good teacher, you can easily get the grade you want badly. We have had the highest TOEFL acceptance rate in the last few years. We will teach you very useful information such as: test structure, sample questions, program and how to score in the test, and we will introduce you to the necessary solutions in speaking, writing, listening, reading so that you can take the test Good luck.

One-on-one IELTS Preparation Classes

The IELTS test is a specialized and skill test and knowledge of English alone is not enough for it. We help students to improve their theoretical level and complete familiarity with important test techniques. In this class, by relying on the important points of the exam and reviewing and practicing special methods of scheduling and answering questions, the probability of success in the test and obtaining the desired score increases and the number of errors in the four skills decreases significantly.

PTE Preparation Classes

The PTE is one of the most prestigious and international exams that is currently accepted by the Australian Immigration Service and all universities in Australia and New Zealand. PTE, which stands for Pearson test of English, was designed by the Pearson Training Center and has become a viable alternative to the IELTS test in recent years. We take you to the highest level in pte classes to prepare well for this exam and get the best score.Get the best score with Alpha Master

Duolingo Preparation Classes

The Duolingo English Test: DET is a computer-based comparative test that measures your English language proficiency. Because the structure of the Dolingo test questions may be completely new to you, it is a bit difficult to prepare for this test. For this reason, in addition to the usual methods that you use to learn and strengthen the mentioned skills, also use resources that have a higher level of language. We will help you in this way.

CELPIP courses

The CELPIP test, which stands for Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program, is a Canadian English Proficiency Index program designed by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The CELPIP test is a test in which the Canadian accent and language are discussed. In fact, this test measures your ability in various everyday situations such as communicating with colleagues and friends, understanding the news, interpreting and responding to them.

OET Preparation Classes

OET is a test that is conducted to assess the familiarity of medical and paramedical staff with English. The OET test is a standard, integrated method that is only accepted in Australia and New Zealand for medical team candidates. This test, like other tests, is held in four skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking. In OET classes, in addition to complete training, all the necessary points and techniques are used on widely used medical words and their abbreviations.

Interview Perperation Courses

This course is the complete preparation guide for non-native english speakers, preparing for job interviews in English.

This course will show you how to answer the most common and difficult interview questions and give examples of top quality answers that will lead you to success. This course is the real deal! No cliche interview examples here. 

You will learn the language of interviews and understand how to use those common phrases and buzz words which are alien to you now

CAE Preparation Classes

This test is for measuring the level of English information of non-English speaking people. Held by the University of Cambridge and is a British exam. With a CAE degree, one shows that one has an advanced language level. The passing score in the CAE exam is levels A, B and C and the degree is lifelong and does not expire. The CAE preparation course also works on all 4 core language learning skills as all 4 skills are assessed on the CAE exam.

FCE courses

The FCE course is for those language learners who do not currently intend to immigrate or study abroad, but who also want to obtain an international degree by continuing and strengthening the language.
Unlike other international exam preparation courses, this course, in addition to preparing students for the exam, will have a significant impact on improving students’ language skills, because success in this exam depends on high knowledge, not knowing the technique.

CPE Preparation Classes

The CPE course is suitable for those language learners who have completed the CAE course or the Advanced English course and are looking to learn additional and advanced English courses. Unlike other international exam preparation courses, this course, along with the students’ readiness to take the exam, will have a great impact on improving the language skills of the students, because success in this exam depends on high knowledge.